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Kamis, 01 Oktober 2009

Cute Clothes For My baby From Shopwiki

That's the picture of my second baby, Shafira, now she is already 2 months. I very happy right now. its amazing how fast she grow up. I felt just yesterday she was born. And now I still a little bit confuse because her clothes suddenly no more fit to her body. I must go to buy more baby clothes and other baby equipment as soon as possible. . But I dont have enough time to go to the mall, and I can not bring my baby to crowded mall. I try to find an information on the internet that can help me to prepare all things related to my baby.

Fortunately, there is shopwiki. they are not only given information about the products, but also from the various price, brand and stores in any product that is sold. This is a very complete. Not only clothing for baby girls but for baby boys too. and for other baby needs likestoys and creative games for baby activity . such as baby gym, baby walker and play mat.
The important thing I need is changing table for changing my baby diaper. Maybe I will buy a round cribs that can rotate and I will put in the middle of the room. They also have a good baby books . Of course I want my baby have a curious to knowledge. Maybe she will be a smart baby one day, I hope.

So, be comfortable to visit their website, and save your energy and waste your time to go to mall, and go shopping to them .

2 komentar:

Qori mengatakan...


wah sekarang banyak yang jualan via online ya???

yang jelas tukang review dapat $$$

TRIMATRA mengatakan...

shopwiki memang komplit, apa aja ada , mau beli apa aja tinggal ceklak-ceklik dateng deh barang.